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In general, treatment is symptomatic, it should eliminate such symptoms of Valtrex pills ataxia as diabetes mellitus, diseases of the cardiovascular system.


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Deep sensitivity is gradually disturbed, muscle atrophy increases, at the initial stages it is more pronounced in the lower extremities, with the course of the disease it also captures the upper ones. A total areflexia is formed. The optic nerve atrophies, cataracts develop, which leads to blindness, the function of the pelvic organs is impaired, and dementia develops.

The course of the disease is steadily progressive, in the absence of adequate treatment, the duration of the disease usually does not exceed 20 years. The immediate cause of death may be heart and lung failure, infectious complications. In rare cases, in the absence of diabetes and heart disorders, patients live up to 70-80 years. The prognosis is more favorable in women: 100% of women and only 63% of men live more than 20 years from the onset of the disease.

Diagnosis: Computed tomography of the brain, which remains the main diagnosis of ataxia in this disease, is ineffective, because. detects changes only in later stages. It is possible to detect only a mild degree of cerebellar atrophy at an early stage and atrophy of the hemispheres, expansion of the stem cisterns, lateral ventricles and subarachnoid space of both hemispheres at later stages. Early diagnosis of Friedreich's ataxia is performed using MRI, which makes it possible to detect atrophy of the spinal cord and a decrease in the transverse size of the spinal cord, especially increasing in the caudal direction at the expanded stage, and moderately pronounced atrophy of the pons, cerebellum and medulla oblongata.

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At the initial stage, an electrophysiological study is mandatory, with such studies, the severity of valacyclovir to the sensitivity of the nerves of the limbs is established. The electroneuromyographic pattern characteristic of this disease consists in the absence or a significant decrease in the amplitude of the action potentials of the sensory nerves of the extremities, with a relatively small decrease in the speed of impulse conduction along the motor nerves. For a complete diagnosis, load tests of glucose tolerance are performed (to exclude diabetes mellitus), an X-ray examination of the spine. On the ECG - rhythm disturbance, T wave inversion, conduction changes, with echocardiography, conduction disturbances, up to complete blockade, and hypertrophy of the interventricular septum are especially often noted.

In some cases, clinical and electrocardiographicSome symptoms of heart damage sometimes precede the appearance of neurological disorders by several years. Patients are observed for a long time by a cardiologist or a local therapist, most often with a diagnosis of valtrex pills heart disease. To assess mitochondrial disorders using the cytochemical method, it seems most appropriate to determine the activity of a number of lymphocyte dehydrogenase enzymes: succinate dehydrogenase (SDH).

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